Top 5 TNPSC Coaching Institute in Thanjavur

Last Updated : July 23, 2020
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Top 5 TNPSC Coaching Institute in Thanjavur | Crack TNPSC Exam 2020-2021

The name of Thanjavur evokes religious and cultural connotations. Home to the world-famous Tanjore paintings, the city is also a popular tourist centre. Some of the best and ancient temples of India are located in Tanjavur, including the UNESCO World Heritage Monument, the Living Chola Temples. 

Thanjavur is also a renowned educational centre. Four reputed universities and many libraries including the 16th century Saraswati Mahal Library are located in the city, making it one of the most important cities in Tamil Nadu. 

As government jobs are popular in Thanjavur, you will find many PSC coaching centres in the region offering training to students in Public Service Commission jobs in the government. Since most citizens in the city value education, the PSC job sector is quite competitive. Hence, if you wish to ace the exams, then get the best training from the best institute. While selecting your coaching centre, look out for the following factors:

Faculty: An institute is only as good as the teachers. No matter what features an institute provide, if the faculty isn’t experienced, skilled and qualified, other facilities fade in comparison. Check out the number of teachers, experience and qualifications along with the teacher-student ratio. 

Infrastructure: Modern infrastructure makes learning easier and faster. A reputed TNPSC coaching centre will ensure the best facilities for their students, not just in terms of modern teaching aids but also classrooms that evoke comfort.

Course Content: PSC syllabus is vast and thus an elaborate course structure that focuses on every topic is essential. The content, as well as the design of the course content, is also important to make learning easier. 

Past Results: Thereliability factor of a top coaching centre in Thanajavur reflects through the past performance of its students. Any institute will be able to advertise their results but try to find from the institute itself the percentage of success.

Value for money: Look for an institute which offers the best training with reasonable fees. Paying for an expensive institute may not work all the time and so will be settling for a cheap institute. Evaluate the features and training process and see if it provides value for your money. 

Travel time and lodging facilities around the coaching institute: PSC exams need preparation and practice. Every minute is important. Do not waste your precious time in commuting. Either look for an institute near your place of residence or find an institute which provides convenient and affordable lodging facilities in its vicinity. 

Competitive TEST Series: Practice always makes man perfect and it needs to be a mantra for PSC aspirants. The institute should provide repeated mock tests to help you get familiar with the exam process and content. The more tests, the better!

Online Resources – Recorded Sessions: In today’s time, online study material and sessions are a must. Pre-recorded lectures or online practice classes can be a huge help in the PSC exam preparation. If you can access them on your phone, it will be easier to refer to the notes as and when you need. 

Doubt Sessions/When you’ll miss the class: What provisions does the TNPSC academy provide if you had to miss a couple of classes? Do they offer repeat classes? Along with helping you cover the missed classes, a good institute should also conduct doubt sessions for students.

Special Focus on Interview Rounds: Along with the written exam, students have to pass the interview round as well. At interviews, it is not just knowledge but your confidence and presentation will also matter. The right TNPSC coaching training should have special classes on PSC interview rounds for students and give adequate guidance on acing interviews. 

Top Ranking TNPSC Coaching Institutes in Thanjavur City

Ranking the best PSC coaching institutes in Thanjavur was not an easy task. From the thousands of institutes, to choose the best 5 was hard. What we did was choose some of the best and then eliminate to keep the best 5. We analysed the above factors and marked them as per their performance on each parameter, from faculty and infrastructure to their training process. We have also taken into account the performance of their past students. 

Number 1 in the list of Top 5 TNPSC Coaching in Thanjavur is:

Race Academy

Rank 1- Top TNPSC Coaching in Thanjavur

Undoubtedly, one of the topmost TNPSC coaching centre in Thanajavur, Race Academy ticks of every boxes that are needed for a world-class institute. Vast library, online classrooms, state-of-the-art infrastructure and qualified teachers have enabled Race Academy retain top rankings over the years.  They also have a high success rate of 80% in overall results. Many of their students are serving as government employees currently, with the star student being Senthil Murugesh, a CBI officer. 

They have their own R &D Department which updates course content from time to time. They also prepare question sets where they also mark the ones with a high expected rate at the PSC exam. One of the best processes of Race Institute is the mock interview sessions and group discusses chaired by real panel members. In addition to PSC coaching, Race Academy also offers online and offline classes in banking, SSC and other competitive exams. With such an all-round performance, Race Academy continues to be amongst the best TNPSC coaching centres in Thanajavur.

Contact Details:

Address: V.N.S Complex, Plot no, 6, 7, 17, 18, Karups Nagar, Trichy – Tanjore Main Road, Landmark: Opp to Banana leaf hotel, Thanjavur –613005
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: 733 962 3030 / 887 097 3030
Mailing ID: Not Available

Number 2 in the list of Top 5 TNPSC Coaching in Thanjavur is:

Unnati IAS Academy

Rank 2- Top TNPSC Coaching in Thanjavur

Established in 2018, Unnati IAS Academy has supremely qualified faculty. The founders are a group of TNAU alumnus whose expertise has ensure the position of the Academy as the best TN PSC coaching centre in Thanajavur

The Academy provides high-quality PSC training along with modern teaching methodology and continuous practice sessions through online and offline classes. They also have regular competitive test series to help students with continuous practice sessions. 

In addition to PSC, Unnati IAS Academy also offers all-round training in various other competitive exams including TNPSC Agriculture, Banking, SSC, TBT, TRB and Railways. They offer training in English and Tamil. Unnati IAS Academy also has a high success rate with many of their students passing out with flying colours. 

Contact Details:

Address: Mathakottai Road, Cauvery Hostel Complex, Thanjavur-613007
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: +91 (0) 95850 18555 / +91 (0) 95850 78555
Mailing ID:  [email protected] 

Number 3 in the list of Top 5 TNPSC Coaching in Thanjavur is:

Dexter Academy

Rank 3- Top TNPSC Coaching in Thanjavur

With over 11 branches and around 22 coaching centres in Tamil Nadu including one in Chennai, Madurai and Salem, Dexter Academy is one of the most popular PSC coaching institutes in Tamil Nadu. The Thanjavur branch of Dexter Academy is located near Sarobaji College and is a very popular TNPSC coaching center in Thanjavur.

Many of their past students are serving in government and other reputed posts as the Academy enjoys a high success rate for the past few years. 

They offer free online exams to students as well. Dexter Academy has top-notch infrastructure facilities including modern study rooms, vast library and well-equipped classrooms. A highlight of the institute is experienced teachers who believe in extensive training and individual attention to their students. Dexter Academy also offers coaching in several other competitive exams in addition to PSC. 

Contact Details:

Address: MIG 535, New Housing Unit, New Bus Stand, Opp saraboji college, Thanjavur – 613 005
Website/Landing Page link: 
Contact Number: +91 9789222902 / +91 7200345577 / +91 9789222920
Mailing ID: [email protected] 

Number 4 in the list of Top 5 TNPSC Coaching in Thanjavur is:

Viveka IAS Academy

Rank 4- Top TNPSC Coaching in Thanjavur

A comprehensive coaching programme along with top infrastructure, Viveka IAS Academy has enjoyed a 50-80% success rate in different competitive exams. Viveka Academy thus finds itself in the best TN PSC coaching centre lists from time to time.

It also has over the years trained students in different competitive exams including UPSC, SSC, NET, TRB, SET, and TNPSC. The focus point of the Academy is the qualified teachers who are known for their skill-based training to the students. Students are also given regular mock tests along with online and offline classes. The Academy also has hostel facilities for students from other cities, so they can stay at a safe and convenient place near the institute and spend time in learning. 

Contact Details:

Address: South Main Street, Veeraragava Hr. Sec. School (Opp), No: 1412/N Varagappayar Sandhu, Old Bus Stand, Thanjavur - 613006
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: 9787350262
Mailing ID: [email protected] 

Number 5 in the list of Top 5 TNPSC Coaching in Thanjavur is:

Ganesh's IAS Academy

Rank 5- Top TNPSC Coaching in Thanjavur

Established in 2000 and started with just 5 students, Ganesh’s IAS Academy has grown into a top 10 TN PSC coaching center in Tamilnadu, with thousands of students from different cities. They have branches in many cities in Tamil Nadu. It is also amongst the top TNPSC coaching centre in Anna Nagar.

Ganesh’s IAS Academywas the first-ever institute in India to have a Current Affairs Team. They were also the first to set up a private mock interview board in Annanagar with reputed officials as the panel board members. 

Ganesh’s IAS Academy also publishes the TNPSC Current Affairs Magazine which is quite popular with students. In 2011, one of their students Mr. Varun Kumar attained All India Rank 3. The institute has an innovative method of teaching. They implement customised teaching methodology to each student, after studying their personality and capability. It has worked wonders over the years and no wonder, they have earned the reputation of being one of the best TNPSC coaching centres in Thanjavur.

Contact Details:

Address:  67A, Shivaji Nagar, Near Big Temple Flyover, Thanjavur-7
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: 98402 41118 / 99402 44576
Mailing ID: [email protected]    

Top TNPSC Coaching Institute in Thanjavur- Your search ends here

Frequently asked Questions

Q. What are TNPSC Exams?

Ans:- TNPSC stands for Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission. The Board conducts different level exams, including Group 1, 2, 3, and 4, to fill various government job positions. If you wish to be a Tamil Nadu government employee, then you will have to pass TNPSC exams. 

Q. How many exams are included in TNPSC?

Ans:- Depending on the post for which the applicant enrols, there could be different exams, including Prelim, Main and Interview. There could be objective as well as descriptive questions. 

Q. What is the negative marking of TNPSC exams?

Ans:- There is no negative marking in TNPSC exams. The Prelim Exam has a single paper with around 200 objective questions without any negative marking. So, you should attempt all questions. 

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