Top 6 TNPSC Coaching Institutes in Trichy

Last Updated : July 23, 2020
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Top 6 TNPSC Coaching Institutes in Trichy | Crack TNPSC Exam 2020-2021

Public service commission exams are one of the most prestigious exams that a lot of students aspire to give. PSCs have a vast syllabus and hence it becomes absolutely necessary for aspirants to have proper guidance and coaching. With so many institutes for PSC coaching in Trichy, you may find it difficult in differentiation the best ones from the good ones.

Have a look at the parameters that can be used to rank/choose coaching institutes.

Parameters for the selection of the best coaching institute in Trichy

Faculty: Even the best of students, require a good teacher in order to unlock their full potential. The faculty must not only be knowledgeable but also experienced. 

Infrastructure: We often say that infrastructure doesn’t matter a lot in education, but that is not right. It does matter, in fact, it plays a very vital role in the development of the student. 

Course Content: The syllabus being vast, it is extremely necessary that the course content is planned and scheduled properly so that everything is covered in due time.

Past Results: Good quality past results prove that the institute is indeed pioneering in its field and has sufficient experience such that it can help you crack the exam.

Value for money: If an institute offers good coaching but asks for a huge fee in return, it should be preferred less. 

Travel time and lodging facilities around the coaching institute: A lot of students travel to a different city in order to get good coaching. So, it is important that the travel time and lodging facilities are also considered. 

Competitive TEST Series: PSCs are the kind of examination wherein you might find it difficult to clear the exam by just studying. You need to appear a lot of tests before giving the final exam. 

Online Resources – Recorded Sessions: Apart from classes, it is good to have certain recorded sessions or other online facilities. This will help students to study well from home too and make the best of all resources available.

Doubt Sessions/When you’ll miss the class: A genuine student will always have doubts even if he has attended the class. If one has not attended, then they will definitely have doubts regarding the previous classes. 

Special Focus on Interview Rounds: A lot of institutes don’t focus on this round until during the end. Proper interview sessions must be conducted beforehand so that the student gets comfortable with the process.

Top Ranking TNPSC Coaching Institutes in Trichy City

The process of ranking the institutes is not a piece of cake. It involves careful analysis of all the above parameters and comparing them with those of other institutes. Based on them, we were able to create a ranking list with the top 7 coaching institutes in Trichy.

Number 1 in the list of Top 6 TNPSC Coaching in Trichy is:

Dexter Academy

Rank 1- Top TNPSC Coaching in Trichy

Founded in 2011, Dexter Academy is one of the most trusted educational institutions for TNPSC coaching in Trichy. More than 5000 candidates and aspiring government job seekers take up coaching from Dexter Academy to clear exams such as TNPSC, UPSC and bank examination.

Out of 2000+ candidates, it has produced a lot of civil servants from Trichy. They provide a large number of facilities for the aspirants so that they can bring laurels to their country, society, and family. 

Adapting perfectly to the present scenario, Dexter Academy has an excellent online program including video lectures and test series. The Library at the Dexter Academy is filled with tons of books and study material as well as a digital study material.

Contact Details:

Address: 4th Floor, Lakkshmi Arcade, Thillainagar Main Road, Trichy – 620 018
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: +91 7305 533 533
Mailing ID:  [email protected]

Number 2 in the list of Top 6 TNPSC Coaching in Trichy is:

Race Academy

Rank 2- Top TNPSC Coaching in Trichy

Race Academy is a training institute established in 2012. Since then Race has become a top contender in PSC coaching in Trichy, Tamil Nadu as well as in the country. It has been honoured with 8 Awards by the reputed organizations like Times of India, Praxis Media, Blindwink, etc

Some of the best students from the institute include Mr. Kartik S and Archana Kiran R. The success of Race Academy is visible in its numbers, it has over 84% of success rates in bank and government exams.

The reason why Race Academy stands apart from the rest is that it has separate sections for clearing the basics of the topics and building a strong foundation. Moreover, the study material and class notes that they provide are also top-notch quality.

Contact Details:

Address: 43-A/2 Promenade Road, Cantonment, Trichy – 620001.
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: +91 - 9360 70 30 30
Mailing ID: NA

Number 3 in the list of Top 6 TNPSC Coaching in Trichy is:

NR IAS Academy

Rank 3- Top TNPSC Coaching in Trichy

Founded by Mr R Vijayalayan, NR IAS Academy aims to provide students with complete coaching required for clearing various PSC exams. It focuses mainly on UPSC, TNPSC and bank exams.

As of now, it has produced 35 IAS, 72 IPS, 63 IRS and 25 IFS officers in UPSC and a lot of Deputy Collectors and DSPs in TNPSC. Highly experienced faculty and an excellent track record make NR IAS Academy one of the best educators.

Rather than simply teaching students how to mug up facts, NR IAS focuses on developing the analytical skills of an individual and make them question and reason with everything. That way, they learn how to critically analyse anything and everything.

Contact Details:

Address: K. Kallikuddi, Dindigul main road, Tiruchirappalli - 620009.               
Website/Landing Page link:                                                                          
Contact Number: +919842554825,7373754851
Mailing ID: [email protected]

Number 4 in the list of Top 6 TNPSC Coaching in Trichy is:

Shankar IAS Academy

Rank 4- Top TNPSC Coaching in Trichy

Founded in 2004, it is one of the best institutions in India coaching and mentoring thousands of civil service aspirants. Shankar IAS Academy has evolved over the years to the extent of successfully helping 1000+ candidates realise their dream and unlock their true potential.

Some of the best features of Shankar IAS Academy include excellent teachers and study material that is designed based on the needs of specific exams. Moreover, good infrastructure and library facilities are added benefits. The PSC coaching fees is such that the value for money is extremely high.

From students coming from outside Trichy, good hostel facility is provided along with library ad reading room. Regular tests make sure that all students are confident about their preparation.

Contact Details:

Address: NR Towers, A9(N), Salai Road, Thillai Nagar, Trichy ‐ 620018
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: +91 97896 64555
Mailing ID: [email protected]

Number 5 in the list of Top 6 TNPSC Coaching in Trichy is:

Radian IAS Academy

Rank 5- Top TNPSC Coaching in Trichy

Founded by Mr. Raja Boopathy in 2004, the objective of Radian IAS Academy was to qualitatively train aspirants for various competitive exams. Under the guidance of their director, more than thousands of aspirants have successfully cleared PSC exams.

It is a premier institute when it comes to preparation of government jobs especially, TNPSC, Banking, and TNTET. The Radian IAS Academy has become a centre of excellence in guiding students through various government job exams.

The dynamic education system fosters an equitable, productive and competitive environment for students. In Radian academy the teaching and learning process is stressed upon and attention is given to each and every student. This is visible in their high success rates.

Contact Details:

Address: Sterling Bizpark, Shastri road, Thillai Nagar, Trichy
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: 9962700505 / 9840400825
Mailing ID: [email protected]

Number 6 in the list of Top 6 TNPSC Coaching in Trichy is:

Trichy Plus

Rank 6- Top TNPSC Coaching in Trichy

Trichy plus has been transforming lives since 1998 with an important mission to impart quality education, which was once only available for people in big cities. It focuses on SSC, Railway Recruitment and Bank examinations. It ranks under top 10 institutes in Tamil Nadu.

For students who have the desire to work hard and strive for perfection, Trichy Plus is the best option. The distant learning package of Trichy Plus too is equally good in terms of quality, it includes video lectures, test series, printed notes and much more.

An excellent competitive environment drives student to work hard and be the best. It has a very good experience in producing fine quality students who are able to easily clear all exams. 

Contact Details:

Address: C-112, 5th Cross, Opp. Nilgiris Supermarket, Thillainagar, Trichy – 620 018
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: +918754768888
Mailing ID: [email protected]

Top TNPSC Coaching Institute in Trichy- Your search ends here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it necessary to go for coaching while preparing for PSC exams?

Ans:- Although there is no hard and fast rule as such, but since cracking these exams take proper knowledge, patience and guidance it is advisable to join a good institute.

Q. Is success guaranteed if I join an institute?

Ans:- No institute will guarantee you a 100% success chance. If they do, then you should probably not enrol into that academy. Success comes from proper studying, practice and experience.

Q. What is the syllabus for PSC exam?

Ans:- Although there is a slight difference in syllabus of every PSC exam and it depends on the state too, some part of the syllabus is fixed for all. This includes general knowledge, current affairs, basic English and Mathematics, social studies and general science.

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