Top 7 CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata

Last Updated : August 13, 2020
Best CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata

Top 7 CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata | Crack CLAT Exam 2021-2022

Law is an exciting and multifaceted discipline that offers students a variety of perspectives. A law degree can be a great stepping stone to explore a range of fantastic career opportunities. Apart from adopting the conventional route and becoming a successful attorney, you can become a legal advisor for an MNC, try your hand at legal Journalism, consider fighting for social issues, or even pursue academia. A law degree also equips you to fulfil dreams of working with coveted international organisations. Furthermore, you can take the State Level Judiciary Exam to become a judge. 

Why look for coaching institutes to prepare for law school?

This is a question most aspirants ask while preparing for enrolment into law school.  For starters, CLAT is a highly competitive exam that is tough to crack. It requires a well-structured study plan, along with discipline, dedication, and perseverance to succeed. This is where CLAT coaching institutes can assist.  Well-versed with the exam format, the centres can formulate a customised training program for a positive outcome. 

Not to mention, they boast impressive infrastructure, latest techniques, comprehensive study material, and more to ensure a seamless preparation. Also, the focus on conceptual clarity, interactive sessions, and test series are valuable add-ons. A reputed CLAT academy has onboard a distinguished faculty that not only imparts quality education but guides, motivates, and nurtures self-esteem.   Last but not least studying with brilliant minds provides the incentive to excel.

Parameters of evaluation of coaching institutes:

There’s no arguing that coaching classes brighten your chances of walking down the successful path. However, narrowing down to a professional, committed, and efficient centre from the endless options swarming Kolkata is a daunting task. Separating the wheat from the chaff can be tricky hence there is a need to do some research before committing to a preparatory program. Below are 10 parameters that should be analysed carefully when choosing a centre for the best CLAT coaching in Kolkata. 

  • Faculty: An experienced and knowledgeable faculty plays a crucial role in the preparation regimen. By extending a quality education, inspiring, and boosting confidence, the teaching staff can help maximise a student’s potential for success. 
  • Infrastructure: The importance of good infrastructure cannot be stressed enough. Make sure the CLAT institute under consideration is outfitted with all the essential resources needed for an enriching learning experience. 
  • Course Content:  The study module and the teaching pedagogy are the core strengths of a coaching centre. An establishment must offer a well-structured curriculum that covers the syllabus in detail. 
  • Past Results: A good track record is proof of an institute’s success rate in helping students gain a berth in law school. A centre that boasts excellent past results is a good choice.
  • Value for Money:  Coaching centres are infamous for charging exorbitant fees for exam preparation. Consider a place that offers qualitative training with all the facilities at an affordable rate. 
  • Travel Time and Lodging Facilities around the Coaching Institute: Travel time is an important factor especially in big cities like Kolkata.  A CLAT coaching institute that is a long way from home can cause exhaustion which in turn impacts self-study and performance. 
  • Competitive Test Series: The CLAT centres must conductmocks and sample test series with consistency. Apart from providing regular practice and helping monitor performance, they familiarise aspirants with the exam format.
  • Online Resources-Recorded Sessions: Online presence and access to recorded sessions are a must in the digital age. This feature can prove invaluable for covering up gaps in the syllabus due to missed classes. 
  • Doubt Sessions/When you’ll miss the class: Special doubt remedial sessions are vital to clear doubts, address queries, and strengthen basic concepts.
  • Special Focus on Interview Rounds: Choose a CLAT institute that offers academic guidance along with grooming tips for interview rounds to attain career goals.

If you have decided to pursue a career in the legal field it is critical to clear CLAT with a good percentile. Given the fierce competition for admission into coveted law colleges, your preparation strategy should be par excellence. 

Top Ranking Law Coaching Institutes in Kolkata City

This is where professional coaching comes into the picture. The big question is how to find the perfect CLAT institution from the rapidly growing law coaching business in Kolkata? The selection task is challenging but not impossible. We have evaluated institutes based across 10 broad parameters like reputation, academics, course content, teaching methodology, faculty, and more, to help narrow down your search considerably.   Here’s our list of 7 centres for the best CLAT coaching in Kolkata.

Number 1 in the list of Top 7 CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata is:


Rank 1- Best CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata

Clatapult is the undisputed # 1 CLAT centre in Kolkata that has produced toppers in West Bengal with consistency. The initiative was launched in 2012 by 3 undergrad students of WBNUJS to extend a quality education for an optimal outcome in various law entrance exams.

Why should you opt for this Institute?
Since its inception, Clatapult has made remarkable progress. Today it is regarded as a pioneering name among law aspirants across the country. And why not! The institute has all the trappings needed for an A-one preparation. It boasts an impressive infrastructure, an amazingly competitive ambiance, and a well-defined, updated study module to help students put their best foot forward. 

Clatapult has onboard NUJS undergrads as faculty members that have a very engaging teaching methodology.  Clatapult provides regular doubt clearance sessions, group discussions, time management tactics, internships, weekly tests, question banks, and mocks to monitor performance. For students with time constraints, there are crash courses and online classes.

Contact Details:

Address: AA-175, AA Block, Sector I, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700064
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: +91 990 363 55 33
Email: [email protected]

Number 2 in the list of Top 7 CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata is:

The Opus Way

Rank 2- Best CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata

If you are looking for a top-grade CLAT centre in Kolkata, Opus fits the bill perfectly.  It was established in 2010 with the vision to help aspirants secure admission into the most reputed law schools of the nation.  Thanks to a perfectly curated training module that guarantees top-notch preparation the institute boasts a stellar track record.

Why should you opt for this Institute?
Supported by world-class mentors, high-tech infrastructure, extensive resources, and a stimulating academic environment, Opus endeavours to provide an exceptional learning experience for a productive result. An outstanding teaching methodology integrated with the latest techniques along with a well-structured curriculum and helpful tricks helps students stay ahead of the curve. 

There’s more! The institute offers flexible study options. Besides regular classroom sessions, there is provision for online instruction, self-study, and distance learning. Also, Opus regularly conducts mocks, test series, online discussions, doubt clarification sessions, revision tests, and workshops.  

Contact Details:

Address: 4A, Elgin Rd, Sreepally, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: +91 988 335 5550
Email: [email protected]

Number 3 in the list of Top 7 CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata is:


Rank 3- Best CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata

Edufoster is another institute in Kolkata that has created waves in the field of CLAT coaching.  The institute was created to help students trump competitive examinations via high-quality training for a successful future. Thanks to a stunning success rate for over two decades, Edufoster has fortified its position in the education sector. 

Why should you opt for this Institute?
Edufoster is equipped with all the essential resources including a distinguished faculty, marvellous infrastructure, an advanced library, and more to make the learning experience interesting and rewarding. The exhaustive bilingual study module framed by experts is perfect for detailed and efficient prep. 

Then there are monthly tests, online mocks, revision classes, and speed tests on regular intervals to enable students gauge their performance, overcome weaknesses, and build on strengths. There is provision for crash courses, weekend classes, and special classes that cater to specific needs.  Other highlights include video-based lectures for covering missed topics and motivational sessions for enthusing students to work hard. 

Contact Details:

Address: 95E, Leanin Sarani, Moulali Crossing, 1st Floor, Kolkata – 700013
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: +91 9073386602/09
Email: [email protected]

Number 4 in the list of Top 7 CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata is:

Career Launcher

Rank 4- Best CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata

Career Launcher is a popular institute in Kolkata renowned for offering a tailor-made preparatory program for CLAT admission. Established in 1996, the brand has made a significant contribution to the education sector. Today, Career Launcher flaunts an enviable presence in the country with nearly 200 branches across 100+cities including 3 in Kolkata.

Why should you opt for this Institute?
Career Launcher's objective is to help students maximise their potential with a systematic training regimen to realise their career goals. Some of the perks of joining this CLAT Academy include a mentally invigorating environment, an interactive way of teaching, extensive resources, excellent faculty, and first-rate infrastructure. The study material is comprehensive and in tune with the exam pattern to help students become proficient in every subject. 

The institute gives special importance to class assignments, test gyms, test series, detailed exam analysis, time-management skills and well-crafted mocks for a real test feel to boost confidence levels.  Career Launcher offers online classes, weekend programs, correspondence courses, and counselling for Interviews/Group Discussions. And yes, the glowing testimonials on the centre’s website speak volumes about its credibility, competency, and commitment. 

Contact details:

Address:  3rd Floor, Park Centre Building, Opposite Park Plaza, 24B Park Street- 700016
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact number: 91-33-40017777
Email: [email protected]

Number 5 in the list of Top 7 CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata is:

IMS Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd

Rank 5- Best CLAT Coaching institute in kolkata

Armed with an impressive legacy of 40 years in the educational segment, IMS is a go-to destination for law coaching in Kolkata.  It was conceptualised in 1977 by Professor N.R. Rane.  With 3 CLAT institutes in the city, IMS is popular among examinees for its A-one preparatory module to ace the challenging exam.

Why should you opt for this Institute?
IMS has all the essential elements needed to prepare students for a bright future in law. It brags high-tech infrastructure, wonderful amenities, a productive environment, and a well-designed curriculum that is constantly updated to help students shine in CLAT.

The competent and highly experienced educators make every effort to complete the syllabus on time.  Students can count on them for guidance, test-taking tricks, and unbiased feedback.

Other pluses include access to test series, printed notes, periodic tests, online lectures, doubt resolving, mocks, workshops along with facilities like distance learning programmes and counselling by experts. The stupendous success rate of producing toppers year after year is proof of the institute’s superior management.

Contact Details:

Address: 2nd Floor, 190/1, Rash Behari Avenue (above Junior Gupta Brothers), Kolkata - 700029
Website/landing page link:
Contact Number: 03340086907 | 03340086908 | 8291895019
Email: [email protected]

Number 6 in the list of Top 7 CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata is:

Diksha Learning Services

Rank 6- Best CLAT Coaching Institute in kolkata

If you are looking for excellent law coaching for CLAT, Diksha Learning Services is a good choice.  The venture was started in 2011 by Cambridge University and IIT Bombay alumni to provide aspirants a relevant, customised preparation program for a better future. Over the years, Diksha has gained a firm grip in the education arena.

Why should you opt for this Institute?
Diksha offers hopeful law students the complete package for CLAT admission. Backed by a well-qualified faculty, innovative teaching methodology, latest infrastructure, and the best resources, the institute strives to ensure students are geared up for the big entrance exam.

The coaching centre provides an exhaustive course content formulated by experts to cover the entire syllabus in-depth. 

The new-age learning organisation focuses on small batches for personalised attention, extra classes for improvement, one-to-one doubt clearing sessions, and counselling. In addition, the management team organises sectional tests, online mocks, and revision classes for tracking every student’s progress. The feather on the cap is an incredible record of churning out top rankers.

Contact Details:

Address: 15/1, 2nd Floor, Hindustan Park, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata - 700029
Website/Landing Page link:
Contact Number: 919152166262
Email: [email protected]

Number 7 in the list of Top 7 CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata is:

A.S. Law Coaching

Rank 7- Best CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata

A.S. Law Coaching is another popular training avenue for CLAT in Kolkata. It came into existence with the mission to mentor, guide, and educate the future law experts of the country. The institute has been functioning efficiently since its origin.

Why should you opt for this Institute?
A.S. Law Coaching offers CLAT aspirants one of the finest preparation packages in terms of quality and comprehensive content. The institute is equipped with highly experienced faculty, the latest teaching methods, high-end infrastructure, excellent library facilities, and the best resources for an unparalleled learning experience. 

The study material designed by experts is extensive to provide students a thorough knowledge for nailing the difficult exam.  For additional practice and self-assessment, the centre offers sectional tests, online mocks, test series along with one-on-one doubt resolving sessions, counselling, etc. Most importantly, A.S. Law Coaching has a good track record of success.

Contact Details:

Address: 5/48/1 Dum Dum, Seven Tanks Ln, Kolkata, West Bengal 700030
Website/Landing page link: NA
Contact Number: 08777436880
Email: NA

Truth be told, picking an institute that offers superb coaching for CLAT in Kolkata is tough. The best way forward is to visit the premises, interact with students, and take a demo class to figure out which training centre is perfect for you.

Top CLAT Coaching Institute in Kolkata- Your search ends here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is CLAT?

Ans:- CLAT is a gateway to some of the most prestigious law schools in the nation.  The centralised entrance exam is conducted annually by the Consortium of National Law universities for admission into various undergrad /post-graduation programmes.

Q. What is the CLAT eligibility criterion for LLB+LLM courses?

Ans:- Applicants must be armed with at least 45% in their 12th class or an equivalent exam. Those falling in the SC/ ST category should have a minimum score of 40% in the qualifying exam. There is no upper age restrictions for taking CLAT.

Q. How can I practice for online CLAT?

Ans:- The best way for online practice is to take mocks and solve sample papers. They are a great measure for monitoring performance, self-assessment, and getting acclimatised with the look and the feel of actual CLAT format. 

Q. What is the minimum cut-off score for CLAT 2020?

Ans:- There is no set score for clearing CLAT per se. The cut-off is flexible and keeps changing every year. Candidates are shortlisted for admission into National Law Universities (NLUs) based on their rank and percentile in the entrance examination.  

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